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Documentary Revolution - By Mohamed Khan
Interview with Assaad Taha in Morocco - 19/06/2007 - Al Jazeeratalk.net
He produced more than 300 documentary film in 50 countries - Interview with Assaad Taha - Islamonline.net - 16/12/2007
An article in the British Magazine ‘Monocle’, March 2007
An article on Asaad Taha in ‘Al-Hayat”, March 2006
‘Al-Hayat’, 2006, Prison Literature Dir. Hala Mohammed
An article on Assaad Taha in Russian newspaper, CTPIXA, 2001
An article in a Kosovan newspaper on the shooting of the film ‘Adam Yashari ’,
by Assaad Taha

An article in ‘La Nación’ newspaper, Costa Rica, on the shooting of a
film directed by Hala Lotfy

‘Al Quds’ Newspaper, 2004 on the participation of ‘Take Me", directed by
Tamer El Said, in the Ismailia Film Festival

An interview with Assaad Taha in ‘Al Bayan’ newspaper, 2006,
‘Al Quds’ newspaper, 2006, an article on the series ‘Arabs in Latin America’