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Witnesses against Humanity

Is a series of documentaries aimed at condemning all forms of violence, regardless of the religious or nationalist beliefs of those who committed them or of their victims. In this way the films emphasise the honour of Mankind. All of the films in this series tell a true story; a character tells of what they have been through, of crimes and violations against their human rights, be they perpetrated by governments, individuals or groups. These crimes, crimes against humanity, may have been committed for religious, racial, social, political, economic or security reasons. The victims may be individuals or a group, just as the criminals too, may be individuals, belong to a group or governmental systems.

As for the approach, the programme tries to avoid the over passionate, or the direct, political method. We prefer to present the human dimension of each story. The programme does not aim to judge any official or non-official authority, but rather it wishes condemn honestly and bluntly any violation of law, liberties or personal rights. It gives a clear message: the condemnation of the violation of human rights, regardless of nationality or religion.

Countries on Location: Bangladesh, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Lebanon, Mauritania, Mozambique, Philippines, Bosnia.

Al Jazeera News Channel

Director Title Country Episode
Hanan Richard One of the Forgotten Bangladesh 16