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Resistance Literature

Is a series of documentaries that aim at presenting the artistic and literary experiences of resistance with its broadest definition. We start with resistance to occupation, ruling dictatorship and the hegemony of powerful countries to resistance to injustice, corruption and the violation of human rights as well as the refusal of ignorance, illness, poverty, the oppression of liberties and the corruption of main stream taste.
We simply present experiences of how art and literature can be a positive tool of resistance.

The series is concerned with this art, whether in its direct or indirect forms. Besides the poems, films and songs that galvanise and call upon the weak to resist occupying forces and oppressive regimes, there are those that work though symbolism. We rifle through all of these experiences and resistance artists, taking into consideration the important experiences that have not received the same attention or fame.
Resistance literature includes stories, novels, poems, songs, music, plastic arts, cinema, theatre, dancing, etc.

Countries on Location: Kosovo, Syria, South Africa, Palestine, Mauritania, Morocco, Egypt.

Al Jazeera News Channel

Director Title Country Episode
This is Your Time (Khaled al-Habar) This is Your Time (Khaled al-Habar) Lebanon 12
Nawara Mourad – Adel Fahmy War Has Other Arts Bosnia 13