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  Karama Has No Walls
Karama Has No Walls is a documentary about the “Friday of Dignity” on March 18, 2011, a day that witnessed a massacre in which no less than 45 protesters who had gathered in Taghyir Square to bring down the regime of former President Ali Abdallah Saleh were killed.
  Karama Has No Walls is nominated for the Oscars!
The First Oscar Nominated Film for Hot Spot Films & Winner of Best Short Film at Al-Jazeera Documentary FF, Arab FF, United Nations Association FF & EDINDOCS FF. ‘'Karama has no walls' is set amidst Yemen's 2011 uprising.
  Resistance Literature
Is a series of documentaries that aim at presenting the artistic and literary experiences of resistance with its broadest definition. We start with resistance to occupation, ruling dictatorship and the hegemony of powerful countries to resistance to injustice, corruption and the violation of human rights as well as the refusal of ignorance, illness, poverty, the oppression of liberties and the corruption of main stream taste.
  Political Songs
Is a continuing series of documentaries that aims at presenting and studying the different kinds of political song in the Arab world; its contribution to our lives and its effects on the formation of our peoples’ awareness and its role in the important events that the Arab world has passed and is passing. It discusses the history of political song in our world and its many forms; revolutionary, nationalist, rousing and oppositional.
  Witnesses against Humanity
Is a series of documentaries aimed at condemning all forms of violence, regardless of the religious or nationalist beliefs of those who committed them or of their victims. In this way the films emphasise the honour of Mankind.
  People of the South
This series of documentaries emphasises the special political, cultural, religious and historic features of the third world peoples in addition to expressing their ambitions to be equalized with the countries of the North
Is a series of documentaries, each one totally Independent. Their approach is open to all fields; humanitarian, social or cultural, be it on an Arabic or universal level.
  The Flying Carpet
Is fillers that reflect the spirit of time and place through touristic, historic and archaeological landmarks and through individual and group examples that have cultural and humanitarian dimensions.
  Of Africa
Is a series of documentaries aiming at presenting the historic, political, economic, social and cultural issues of Africa. We tackle this forgotten continent on two levels. The first sheds light on political issues and Africa’s natural treasures and the international struggle for ownership and authority.
  Stories from the Street
Is a series of documentaries, each film presents a story from a street to reflect and observe through them the details of the humanitarian and social relationship between people with their environment and location.
  A workshop for professionals at Hot Spot Films
In a new and first step, Hot Spot Films invited a number of directors and producers involved in the documentary films' making , from Arabic countries to a workshop at the company's premises in Dubai Media City.
  The New Revolutionaries
“ The New Revolutionaries " , directed by Ms. Bouchra Ijourk , won the best documentary film prize in the Martil Film Festival, held in Morocco in June. Produced by "Hot Spot Films", the film won the prize jointly with the Mexican film "Pancho Villa", directed by Francisco Tabora, during the eighth session of the festival, held from June 17th till 22nd in the city Martil in Morocco.